The style of the interior was predetermined by the architecture of the village. Traditional classical design: stucco on facades, columns, arched windows.


The smooth flow of the ceremonial premises of the ground floor into each other determined the visual openness and integrity of the public spaces - the hall, living room, dining room and kitchen.

The first floor is occupied by the master bedroom with a bathroom and a dressing room, children's rooms, a study room, a hall, guest rooms and bathrooms


Year of 2013. Moscow region.

Velednikovo. Cottage settlement "Pavlovo"


Classic style with a modern twist.

Neutral beige and gray colors, gray and brown floors, bright furniture upholstery.

Area 4800 sq.ft



The space is built according to the laws of symmetry, the architecture of the house is strictly classical

The interior design uses traditional techniques: gypsum cornices, moldings, panels, decorative columns and natural materials: oak parquet, paper wallpaper, stone.

The characteristic atmosphere is supported by a marble fireplace in the English style, rounded bay windows with slats and interior items: French furniture of classical forms, massive chandeliers and lamps



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