Nordic character

The Soviet apartment has been transformed into a modern living space with a Nordic character, nostalgic décor and vintage pieces


The selected materials have a tactile, tangible natural texture


The walls are decorated with wallpaper with the effect of rough plaster, the floor is covered with parquet boards made of natural oak.

Consoles and countertops are made of raw wood, upholstered furniture is upholstered in velvety fabrics, and cabinetry is streamlined, such as a group of three tables in the living room that look like sea stones, cut by the wind and waves


2020 year. Moscow, Profsoyuznaya street


The northern Scandinavian style is complemented by items from the socialist era. The natural colour scheme with shades of moss, gray-green low bushes, gray sand, leaden thunderclouds among the bright blue patches of the sky is the image of the apartment of a young girl, a student of a theater institute and a future literary critic.


Area 775 sq.ft

Cold colors, earthy color palette, brutal textures and simple forms - this is what distinguishes the interiors of northern Europe and the Soviet North

The apartment is located in a residential complex built for Soviet establishment


Major changes were made to the kitchen, where sliding glass doors were installed.

Their geometric pattern evokes associations with the decor of Soviet research institutes, of which there are still many in the neighborhood of the house.

The partition itself is double-sided and consists of several fragments with frosted, colored and embossed glass. From the side of the kitchen, it is absolutely white, and from the side of the hallway, it is decorated with blue glasses, which add bright colors to the corridor and create a feeling of the closeness of the sky


The pieces of blue glass in the sliding partition are organically combined with the floor of a little rusty metallized ceramic granite in the corridor


The riot of natural elements is reflected in the wallpaper pattern in the bedroom. It is softened by beige textiles with textured weaving in the design of the headboard and window

Perhaps the quietest room in the apartment is the study


It is decorated in the spirit of sustainable design and furnished with custom-made furnishings.

The table and cabinet are optimal for storing a large amount of papers and accessories for creativity



An article about the apartment in the Sovremenni DOM magazine

Olga Glazunova, Interior Designer


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