We, the OLGA GLAZUNOVA interior design bureau team, believe that it is necessary to prepare a design solution that will combine your desires and tastes, reflect your character and lifestyle. After discussing your vision of a new home and the requirements for its arrangement, we will draw up a detailed assignment for interior design. We will spend as much time on this important procedure as it takes for a calm and thoughtful discussion.

At the next stage, we will prepare for approval options for planning solutions, conceptual sketches, style and color solutions, we will determine the nature of the surfaces of the main materials; we will form the aesthetic basis of the interior, which will serve as inspiration for our work


Next, we will carefully select and offer you a choice of finishing materials, equipment, furniture and accessories for each room in your home. We will definitely invite you to take the most active part in their selection. At the same time, we will develop design documentation - issue, publish, coordinate and constantly update working drawings and statements.

As soon as working drawings and specifications are ready, we will start creating photorealistic sketches for each room in your home. In parallel, we initiate cooperation with engineering companies that develop projects for ventilation and air conditioning, water supply, electrification and heating; we will set tasks for furniture manufacturers according to individual orders; if necessary, we organize a tender among the repair and construction teams

After preparing photorealistic sketches, we will discuss and make final adjustments, harmonize the design project with engineering projects, and release final specifications containing a complete list of finishing materials, furniture and equipment used, indicating their SKUs and cost.

The release of design documentation will allow you to start ordering materials, furniture, accessories and art from reliable and carefully selected suppliers. Our suppliers will tune in to your requirements in advance, and we will support all transactions from payment to delivery.

We will oversee the changes in your home, bringing your ideas and our design to life. We will organize all deliveries of ordered items up to their ideal placement in the interior. We will strive to ensure that the interior exceeds your expectations

To ensure constant control over the work and comfortable decision-making related to the project, we will provide you with a confidential approval system - a convenient online platform for approving sketch and planning solutions, visualization, drawings, engineering documentation, finishing materials, equipment, furniture and accessories.

The price of the design project is 6000 RUB per sq.meter. The term of preparation of the project is from 3 months. One month of designer supervision is included in the price of the design project. Designer supervision price starting from the second month: from RUB 50,000 per month


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