Vereyskaya Plaza III

Show office of Plaza Development sales department

Year of 2014. Moscow. "Vereyskaya Plaza III" Office Center


Industrial style and minimalism were taken as the basis of interior design.

The color solution is more monochrome with the addition of graphic elements in the flooring. The accents are dominated by a pattern - a strip in green, gray and light shades.

Area 2900 sq.ft

The only enclosed space in the office is a separate meeting room, encased in a cube of dark smoked glass.


The "conversation glass cube" divides the entire space of a large office into two zones - a public part with a reception with a meeting room and an open space part for employees.


Планировочное решение офиса выстроено по принципу свободной общественной среды, с минимумом перегородок.

Несущие колонны, запакованные в стекло, использованы для зонирования пространства.

Входная часть офиса спроектирована по симметричной схеме, как наиболее презентабельная.

В центре композиционного решения — ресепшн, за перегородкой которого встроенная кухня.


The false ceiling in the office is present only in part of the entrance area, all other ceilings are painted in a chocolate-graphite shade, along with communications and air conditioning ducts.


And pendant LED lamps in thin luminous lines set dynamics and stylish industrial character in office spaces.


The office's design uses modern innovative materials.


All floors are laid with a special woven coating that has the appearance of a carpet, but retains the benefits of a real hard-wearing and moisture-resistant vinyl floor.


Behind the shelves with presentation material is an open meeting room with large windows and panoramic views.


A solution with an open meeting room is conducive to communicating with a large number of people and organizing meetings and events.


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