Loft and retro

The interior mixes modern loft, ethnicity and retro details. It turned out to be both a versatile and not boring mix that can appeal to different people - this is important, since the apartment is intended for rent


To increase the space, the main rooms of the apartment and the doors are united by colour


The walls are painted in light pastel colours, light wooden slatted partitions are used.

To visually make the apartment appear larger, it was decided to abandon the blank wall separating the living room from the bedroom in favor of a sliding glass partition with curtains.


Year of 2022. Moscow. Leningradsky prospect "VTB Arena Park"


Loft style with ethnic motifs and retro details.

Soothing Colours: natural colours that are soothing without being boring.

Area 580 sq.ft

The accent wall in the bedroom is decorated with wallpaper with an unobtrusive abstract pattern in light turquoise shades


Above the head of the bed there is a golden-yellow decorative panel made of plant fibers in an ethnic style.

For the rest of the walls, only wallpaper for painting is provided.


Lighting in the apartment is not only functional, but also decorative


The black track lamp in the kitchen-living room supports the color of the glass partition profile and black window frames, and the direction of their light fluxes can be controlled.

White ceiling lamps and table lamps have rounded shapes and look like art objects.

Spotlights are provided in all rooms to ensure the quality of lighting.


On the floor there is a vinyl tile that imitates natural wood


This is a practical material that is not afraid of moisture and dirt, it is laid even in "difficult" areas like the kitchen, bathroom and hallway.

For this apartment, they chose commercial grade vinyl, which is even more durable, and laid it with a single coating.

The bathroom is decorated with tiles of various shapes - rhombuses laid out the wall in the shower.

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