Port Plaza Moscow

For the first time in history, the interior of a Russian business center designed by Olga Glazunova was recognized as the best in Europe by the prestigious International Property Award Europe


Multi-layered, wave-shaped installation made from an innovative non-combustible reflective material, surrounded by decorative sheet steel panels, which are perforated with nautical motifs and illuminated from the inside.


To make the large-scale lobby look even more grandiose, the walls are covered with decorative concrete of a rough texture and partially covered with panels of glass and artificial stone


2014 year. Moscow. Lobby of the business center "Port Plaza"


Brutal urban style


The interior is made in a laconic gray-brown color scheme which is added by shades of blue, azure and turquoise


Area 3450 sq.ft


"Fireplace" hall is equipped with a stylish fireplace made of rolled steel sheets


Built-in wood shelves with LED lighting, walnut veneer suspended ceiling and soft furnishings create a cozy atmosphere.


Opposite is the "Anchor" hall with a library



The interior of its entrance group recalls both the urban aesthetics of the river port and the romance of the water element


The front desk is finished with walnut veneer and illuminated turquoise glass stacked panels that combine with a wave-shaped ceiling installation and glass panels for a layered effect

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