The House for Two

"In the Mood for Love" by the Chinese director Wong Kar-wai and Japanese ukiyo-e prints have become a source of inspiration for the interior design. Film about "The House for Two" project


The atmosphere of the interior is inspired by light Asian romance.


Openwork shapes of black metal lamps, reminiscent of Chinese lanterns, and porcelain teapots not directly, but stylized and sophisticatedly emphasize Asian aesthetics.


Year of 2021. Moscow. Leningradsky prospect "VTB Arena Park"


Industrial style with an oriental touch.

The color scheme in natural sand and pink-ash shades is designed to soften the graphics of the industrial style of a city apartment for a young couple.

Area 1150 sq.ft

The separation of the living room and the kitchen is envisaged


At the same time, these areas are left open and visible - this was realized with the help of a sliding structure made of smoky glass, which, like the traditional Japanese "shoji" partitions, allows to transform and expand the room.

Accurately planned directional lighting throughout the interior allows to highlight the nuances of textures, emphasize the graceful simplicity of the lines and highlight the paintings


The surfaces of wooden facades and doors, plaster close to natural stone, metal, matte sand surfaces, paintings and wallpapers reminiscent of Chinese and Japanese engravings, all create a peculiar and barely perceptible aroma of the Far East


The wall in the study room is decorated with slats. The wallpaper with the branches of the fern pasted between them looks like it was drawn by hand with Chinese ink on rice paper.


This style of wall decoration resembles an oriental screen and echoes a bench-hanger in the hallway, assambled from slats in the spirit of the 1960s.

The study room can serve as a guest room with storage systems and a wardrobe, and over time it can be easily transformed into a nursery


The bedroom has a separate bathroom and dressing room


All storage systems are hidden from view.

The built-in wardrobes are designed in the same style as the walls.

Thus, they do not attract attention in themselves, leaving the space visually free from a large amount of visible furniture and details


Film about "House for two" project


An article about the apartment in the ELLE DECORATION magazine


Olga Glazunova, interior designer


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