Artworks of the avant-garde artists of the 20th century became the starting point for the interior design of the office of TechnoProgress Company. The huge office is divided into four functional blocks, including conference halls and classrooms, laboratories and recreation spaces. Film about the TechnoProgress project.

The interior of the main office of the «TehnoProgress» Company reflects two main messages: revolutionary spirit and education, which are inspired by the images of Russian art of the early 20th century

Year of 2018 year. Moscow, Aviacionnaya street «PORTPLAZA»

The interiors of the office exploit the themes of Russian artists recognized by the world community, who gave a powerful impetus to artistic design, set the modern tone for world architecture: Malevich, Kandinsky, Filonov, Chagall.

Area 55000 sq.ft

Suspended modular ceilings partially hiding painted ceilings, ventilation systems and pipelines.

Suspended LED luminaires or built into suspended ceiling modules

Conference rooms and classrooms are equipped with transformable partitions

Several types of meeting rooms have been planned - open islands for communication between employees, capsule mini-negotiation rooms and classic rooms

Large-scale work on the new office of TechnoProgress company lasted several years, and the phased commissioning of each of the four thematic blocks of the office made it possible for a large company to move without affecting the production process

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