Scarlet Sails

The famous painting by the Swiss artist Jean-Etienne Lyotard "Chocolate Girl", with its exquisite color scheme, became a source of inspiration for the interior design. Film about "Scarlet Sails" project


Visually, all rooms of the apartment do not have pronounced boundaries, which enhances the impression of one large space


Year of 2019 year. Moscow, Aviacionnaya street "Scarlet Sails"

Soft classic style with traditional furnishings and finishes.

The color scheme of the apartment's interior for fans of traditional theater and ballet, classical music and painting, consists of complex, muted and elegant shades.

Area 1100 sq.ft

Silver-gray, snow-white, pale pink and olive are the basis of the color scheme

One of the walls of the study is decorated with a "painting" based on the famous 15th century tapestry cycle "The Lady with the Unicorn", kept in the Cluny Museum in Paris.

The artwork is made using the technique of painting on fabric, the multi-colored strokes skillfully imitate tapestry weaving


The living-dining room has a complex lighting drama with different lighting scenarios such as a "dinner party" or "evening talk".

Built-in spotlights with directional light illuminate stucco, decorative paintings and even crystal chandeliers as art objects



Film about "House for two" project


An article about the apartment in the SALON Deluxe magazine


Olga Glazunova, interior designer


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