The living quarters of the apartment in the format of an open space are combined with an insulated terrace, in which the glazing of the roof and walls is arranged


The bedroom, study, living area and lounge area are designed as an open space, without partitions


Year of 2017. Moscow. Penthouse


The interior is decorated in a modern loft style without partitions with a glazed roof of the track.

The natural colour scheme of a natural wooden floor is used, in combination with concrete imitating plaster, wooden beams and posts, with rough wood effect tiles and brickwork.

Area 1270 sq.ft



The zoning elements for the rooms on the second floor are decorative wooden racks, a podium, built-in furniture, a screen and flower pots. In the bedroom area there is a closed dressing room




European Property Awards video about Penthouse project


An articles about the apartment in the DOM & PODIUM magazine



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