Primavera Moscow

The design of the apartment is based on eclecticism, a combination of modern interior design trends with the aesthetics of constructivism in the planning solution. A special rhythm to the central rooms in an apartment is set by the layout of the whole house that is built in the spirit of modernism of the twenties of the twentieth century


Year of 2014 year. Moscow, Simferopolsky Lane "Primavera"

Noble eclecticism and a combination of modern trends with the aesthetics of constructivism.

The color scheme of the interior is light, sandy, beige-brown with hints of cocoa, lime and silver-gray upholstery.

Area 1570 sq.ft


False columns perfectly zone the space, visually stretch the height of the ceilings


The built-in furniture is sheathed in light veneer, the color of which organically echoes the color of the kitchen facades.

The spacious living room with kitchen has become the main room in the house, the center of family life - there is a home theater and a biofuel fireplace.

The study room is decorated in a classic style with pistachio walls and noble wood furniture

For visual separation of functional areas, the walls of the living room are decorated with several types of materials


Some of the walls are painted, some are covered with wallpaper, which change their color under different lighting conditions.

Columns and built-in furniture are paneled, the veneer color of which echoes the kitchen fronts and the painted false ceiling.

The wall opposite the dining table is covered with large-format mirrored rectangular tiles

There are no doors between the hall, the corridor and the living room, the openings unite the premises into a single zone


This helps visually expand the space.

The living room-kitchen is an accent room in the apartment, it houses a home theater, a built-in fireplace, kitchen furniture and a dining table

A separate element in the kitchen is the island


bar area with chairs gives ease to the room and emphasizes the modern style of the interior.

The kitchen set has a modern shape, the facades are made of two materials - light oak veneer and lacquered MDF in sandy shades



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Olga Glazunova, interior designer


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